Original Interior

The Don Bosco House in Ronda maintains a completely original interior from the beginning of the 20th century, when the house was remodelled in a modernist style by the architect Santiago Sanguinetti. The architecture of the mansion is very representative of the palatial style in Ronda where Mudejar, neo-Gothic and classicist elements harmoniously coexist.

The original interior of the house shows Ronda’s historical and artistic heritage. There are excellent examples of local craftsmanship of the period, some of the highlight are:

Hand carved walnut wooden furniture in the Castilian style of the 18th and 19th centuries. The splendid fireplace in the grand salon is the most striking example.

The beautifully preserved courtyard with Nazarite inspired tiles and a collection of regional ceramics.

Tapestries from the 19th century with pastoral motifs, made by the “Real Fábrica de Tapices” (Royal Tapestry Factory) of Madrid.

A collection of paintings by the Salesian “Don Salvador Rosés”. He was an art lover, prestigious painter and the director of the Don Bosco Sanatorium between 1946-1964.

A set of 39 unique plaques with bullfighting motifs by “Pedro Mercedes”. This famous master ceramist is originally from Cuenca, Ronda’s twin city since 1975. The exhibition of the works is in the solarium gallery.