The Garden

The garden of the Don Bosco house in Ronda is one of the most enchanting and surprising spots in the city. An orchard built on the edge of the cliffs, overlooking the Guadalevín valley. In the background we see the majestic landscape of the “Sierra de Grazalema”.

There is a small balcony hanging off of the parterre, displaying the Spanish flag. This viewpoint grants us with some of the best sights of the “Puente Nuevo”, the most representative monument of the city. From here you can also admire the over 100 metres deep geological fissure known as “El Tajo” de Ronda.

To reach the lower part of the garden you go down a stately semi-circular marble staircase, bordered with a multitude of rose bushes. Here the water trickles in the striking “frog fountain” with its 6 spouts. Hidden in the mosaic of cobblestones surrounding the fountain are small tiles, each with a unique, hand-painted motif. The craftsmanship from the interior of the house continues outside!

Next to the fountain there is an alcove that provides shelter from the sun. Furthermore it features a beautiful drawing of the house and a portrait of Don Bosco. The tiles were made by the “Santa Ana” ceramic factory in Sevilla and the mural was unveiled in 1988 to commemorate the centenary of Don Bosco’s passing.

Strolling through the garden you will find a variety of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. Giant palm trees, pine trees and cedar trees tower above all. There are fruit trees such as the pear tree, the loquat, the grapevine and a mini pomegranate tree. There are also climbing plants, hedges, aromatic plants, a wisteria, geraniums, agapanthus etc. The whole garden is enriched with benches and planters, decorated with brightly coloured tiles.